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As I mentioned in Lesson #2 there are many new definitions of what makes a man sexy that involve a hobo-ish look. What is undeniable about the said hobo hotness or any recent vamp hotness, is that having mad sexy hair totally makes the man. Case in point, check out this mad fuckhawt pic of HotAlex playing HotEric. This is of course a pic from HBO’s TrueBlood, at a scene where we are first introduced to HotEric.

Come closer my pretty.

Come closer my pretty.

In this pic we have Eric’s long haired look. Many have commended said look, others cannot take the long haired look, I myself, would like to rub my fingers through the lustrous locks of sexy.

And another look, from our sexiest man in the world, the shaved buzz, military look. The absence of the luscious locks is well made up for with HotAlex’s kick ass complete military look. Now, nothing says hotness like a man that can change up his look so effortlessly, but still pull off sexy. From long to buzzed cut, HotAlex looks delicious.

Yes, I'm shirtless with short hair and still sexy hot!

Yes, I'm shirtless with short hair and still sexy hot!


Look, I even pull off mad sexy with GAYfron like hair.

 Different hair color, different style, YUP still hot!

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