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Alexander Skarsgard continues to amaze me with his adaptability. Although I failed to write about these many examples, of his continued gumby-like plasticity at the time, I feel it still necessary to display them. 

#HotAlex charms us with the squat-mic-stance, instead of (ahem) adjusting the mic’s height to be at his (ahem) length.  Sweet Ole #HotAlex adapts to the situation, and gives his thank you speech while squatting down to its level. What can’t this man do? 

Sure I'll squat down for you baby. Gotta exercise those quads.

Well, in keeping with the main theme of this blog, to utilize the shower gif as often as possible we move on to display yet another example of #HotAlex’s conformability via his appetite for cleanliness.   

In this glorious pic, we see his utilization of a glorious fountain to keep himself clean.   

Can you pass me the conditioner? I know you like my hair lustrous and soft.

Want  another example of #HotAlex’s conformability? After the jump (more…)

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When looking for a lesson, I often look to my favorite Alex Dealer (who is always listed as my Source), http://skarsgardnews.tk/. Their first post from today was regarding an MTV article about the casting of Captain America. In the article MTV of course named HotAlex. In doing so they said:

If we’re already forgiving the Canadian-born Fillion, then we have to at least ponder the possibility of Alexander Skarsgård. The Swedish actor has achieved a cult following for his role as Eric Northman on “True Blood,” but it’s his performance as an American soldier in “Generation Kill” that solidifies his ability to play Steve Rogers.

Furthermore, the actor is already on Marvel’s radar due to his near miss with “Thor.” Maybe the Marvel Studios bigwigs thought him better suited for a shield than a hammer. Judging by his physique, his fan base, his acting ability and his past experience with Marvel, I think Skarsgård has a better chance of becoming Captain America than some might give him credit for.

This got your teacher thinking of course about seeing HotAlex in tights  how versatile HotAlex really is. 

Am I Thor? Yes, yes I am, indeed.

Am I Thor? Yes, yes I am, indeed.

Not only has HotAlex been suggested to play comic heros like Thor, but despite his swedish ancestry, he has at least been discussed for taking the pen-ultimate patriotic role of Captain America.

It doesn’t stop there….HotAlex has played a diverse amount of roles with clothes both on and off. Let’s look at them, shall we?

There’s one of my favs, as well as the favorite of many –> HotEric from TrueBlood.   Who else pulls off light and mysterious with dark and brooding better than our HotAlex? No one.

Come closer my pretty.

Yes this is my favorite HotEric pic. Don't be surprised if you see the shower gif again too.

Then there’s my very first HotAlex love, Sgt. Colbert in Generation Kill.  The change in hair length alone displays this man’s adaptability.
Source: Well you can read the pic.

Source: Well you can read the pic.

 More adaptability after the jump. (more…)

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As I mentioned in Lesson #2 there are many new definitions of what makes a man sexy that involve a hobo-ish look. What is undeniable about the said hobo hotness or any recent vamp hotness, is that having mad sexy hair totally makes the man. Case in point, check out this mad fuckhawt pic of HotAlex playing HotEric. This is of course a pic from HBO’s TrueBlood, at a scene where we are first introduced to HotEric.

Come closer my pretty.

Come closer my pretty.

In this pic we have Eric’s long haired look. Many have commended said look, others cannot take the long haired look, I myself, would like to rub my fingers through the lustrous locks of sexy.

And another look, from our sexiest man in the world, the shaved buzz, military look. The absence of the luscious locks is well made up for with HotAlex’s kick ass complete military look. Now, nothing says hotness like a man that can change up his look so effortlessly, but still pull off sexy. From long to buzzed cut, HotAlex looks delicious.

Yes, I'm shirtless with short hair and still sexy hot!

Yes, I'm shirtless with short hair and still sexy hot!


Look, I even pull off mad sexy with GAYfron like hair.

 Different hair color, different style, YUP still hot!

 More on Sexy, HotAlex hair after the jump


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Although at this time in sexy pop culture, there are many people that are known for being sexy and hobo-ish, Alex’s status as the sexiest man in the world, however involves, soap, water, and nakedness.

I'm so sexy, the soap never runs into my eyes.

Alex most certainly has a panache for being clean!

Case in Point, Exhibit #1 – notice the time and attention he uses in making his who body clean. Although we do not see his feet and lower limbs acquiring attention, one most believe the soapy suds are making their way down, via gravity, to help keep all his sexy body parts clean.

Exhibt #2 – Above, on this blog’s header (now below this paragraph) is the TrueBlood bathtub scene, where we find HotEric waiting in Bill’s bathtub to confront him about Sookie. **Let me make a point that TrueBlood should always be spelled “TrueBlood” and Alex’s character in TrueBlood must, and always will be referred to as “HotEric” in this Blog or elsewhere. HotEric must remain one word because in TrueBlood, he is Eric as much as he is hot and the two cannot be separate and/or distinct. This is the Truth.

"Splish Splash I was takin a Bath"

"Splish Splash I was takin a Bath"

Now back to the lesson after the  jump… (more…)

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