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I apologize for being total FAIL lately with my lessons, but I have started working out (so that I can be sexy like HotAlex) and am reading the new Dan Brown in the evenings. These are not good excuses but, nonetheless, this is what has been taking me away from the ever important lessons in sexy. Please forgive.

Today’s lesson comes straight from HotAlex’s mouth. Yummm, let’s find a hot picture of his mouth.

My facial hair and teeth have perfect shape. I am Sexy!

My facial hair and teeth have perfect shape. I am Sexy!

In the Swedish mag AftonBladet, as kindly posted on HotAlex’s usual source Alex is asked about his TrueBlood character HotEric.  In his response, he explains the following:

“You can not act sexy”
He denies that he deliberately would make himself sexy in ‘True blood’. “You can not play sexy. It would be ridiculous. If you think about it while filming it’s distracting. – I hate vain actors. You just have to try to be present in the moment. You can not think about how your hair looks.

However, what Alex fails to understand is that thinking these exact thoughts and being present in the moment makes you sexy! Despite his having sexy locks, Alex not caring about how his hair looks  makes him sexy!


Yup, I'm getting some from Evan & Kate. It's fabulous!

Alex, I am here to tell you, you cannot escape who you are, even when you aren’t trying to act Sexy. Even the most crazy ass pics, I can find of you, still show how effing sexy you are. It’s like you’re a sexy envelope of hotness just waiting to be opened. You can’t stifle the sexy, it just can’t happen.

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Although I feel that I should perhaps write more for my initial post. I will refrain and follow the less is more approach, and by more I am referring to the amount of clothes I’d like to see less of on Hot Alex, as demonstrated in this blog’s main header (what she said). The end.

***Update – the “header” pic was changed, but please refer to the bathtub pic in Lesson #2.

More to come when I am feeling more creative.

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