Who doesn’t love a gentleman? Or, even better, a southern gentleman? The cloying cadence of voice that can only be compared to a fresh Mint Julep, brimming with sweet, simple syrup and laced with the highest quality bourbon. The way he rises when a lady enters or exits the dinner table, or the endearing manner in which they refer their elders as “Ma’am” and “Sir.” Simply put, a southern gentleman of Rhett Butler’s nature. Rhett Butler Pictures, Images and Photos

Yep, that’s the one and only Rhett Butler…and his mint julep.  Of course.

A man of Captain Butler’s status–charm, swagger and passion, all wrapped up with the most consumate of manners–is made, not born. Merely being raised south of the Mason Dixon line does not automatically permit the male of the species to attach the label, “southern gentleman” to his name. This title must be earned.

The Swedish born and raised Alexander Skarsgard has earned the title.  He is a southern gentleman.

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Just a nice shirtless pic of #HotAlex to get you through the Terrible Tuesday after a long, 3 day weekend.

Just a nice shirtless pic of #HotAlex to get you through the Terrible Tuesday after a long, 3 day weekend.

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There are few things more sexy than a man that enjoys being naked that remembers where he comes from. As you can probably guess, Alexander Skarsgard is such a man. Not only does he often talk about his home land when questioned by various paparazzi or in interview situations, he even brings attention to Swedes noting their ever love of being naked on a regular basis. Let’s look at the helpful exhibits.

Exhibit #1

In an Article In a Swedish Jornal http://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/article5652523.ab and translated by http://skarsgardfans.wordpress.com, Alex had this to say and feel about his homeland:

Stockholm is so incredibly beautiful, when you have been away for long you get tears just by looking at it.

Now I will go home to dad and eat crayfish (Swedish summer tradition), meet my siblings and then I will head down to Babylon at Medis and have some beers with my mates. I didn’t think I would have time to see anyone so this is a fantastic bonus.

Who's with me?

Who's with me?

As you can tell, Alex seems very touched by the landing on his home soil and as anyone would after being away for sometime, has already made plans with friends and family. Feeling a kinship to your homeland makes a man seem more real and feel more real, and be more sexy.

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Although at this time in sexy pop culture, there are many people that are known for being sexy and hobo-ish, Alex’s status as the sexiest man in the world, however involves, soap, water, and nakedness.

I'm so sexy, the soap never runs into my eyes.

Alex most certainly has a panache for being clean!

Case in Point, Exhibit #1 – notice the time and attention he uses in making his who body clean. Although we do not see his feet and lower limbs acquiring attention, one most believe the soapy suds are making their way down, via gravity, to help keep all his sexy body parts clean.

Exhibt #2 – Above, on this blog’s header (now below this paragraph) is the TrueBlood bathtub scene, where we find HotEric waiting in Bill’s bathtub to confront him about Sookie. **Let me make a point that TrueBlood should always be spelled “TrueBlood” and Alex’s character in TrueBlood must, and always will be referred to as “HotEric” in this Blog or elsewhere. HotEric must remain one word because in TrueBlood, he is Eric as much as he is hot and the two cannot be separate and/or distinct. This is the Truth.

"Splish Splash I was takin a Bath"

"Splish Splash I was takin a Bath"

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Although I feel that I should perhaps write more for my initial post. I will refrain and follow the less is more approach, and by more I am referring to the amount of clothes I’d like to see less of on Hot Alex, as demonstrated in this blog’s main header (what she said). The end.

***Update – the “header” pic was changed, but please refer to the bathtub pic in Lesson #2.

More to come when I am feeling more creative.