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Who doesn’t love a gentleman? Or, even better, a southern gentleman? The cloying cadence of voice that can only be compared to a fresh Mint Julep, brimming with sweet, simple syrup and laced with the highest quality bourbon. The way he rises when a lady enters or exits the dinner table, or the endearing manner in which they refer their elders as “Ma’am” and “Sir.” Simply put, a southern gentleman of Rhett Butler’s nature. Rhett Butler Pictures, Images and Photos

Yep, that’s the one and only Rhett Butler…and his mint julep.  Of course.

A man of Captain Butler’s status–charm, swagger and passion, all wrapped up with the most consumate of manners–is made, not born. Merely being raised south of the Mason Dixon line does not automatically permit the male of the species to attach the label, “southern gentleman” to his name. This title must be earned.

The Swedish born and raised Alexander Skarsgard has earned the title.  He is a southern gentleman.

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